I have a dream: to create a society where people are connected.  This connection is not merely one where people greet only those they know. The connection I am talking about is a family-like relationship where people help those in need, as well as share the happiness they enjoy. Connecting people, connecting communities, and connecting the world plays a huge role in resolving conflicts and helps young people take the initiative to carry out sustainable projects.

In reality, however, the world has become a place where major problems such as conflict, famine, water crisis, education, and environmental issues are intertwined; and many disparities have arisen due to a lack of connection. In terms of human relations, we are faced with fear, distrust, and barriers between others.

Together with some of my college friends, we started a project called, WAKACHI Ai Project. The Japanese word, “wakachiai” means sharing what you have with others.  The WAKACHI Ai Project is a project that we started in order to connect people through volunteer activities that help solve problems in local communities and the world. What we do is visit homes and participate in cleanup activities. We collect reusable waste from these homes and turn them to money. With these funds, we help support water crisis around the world.

Through these activities, we have been able to connect students, local communities, companies, professors, NGOs, and other groups; and this circle is rapidly expanding. Many people are moved by the passion and drive of young people.

Akihiro Nishimoto