Project Nurturing Child’s Talents

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) acounts for 93 million out of 2 billion persons with disabilities to be children with special needs. Based on the National Statistics of the Philippines, 1.44 million of the country’s population have a disability equivalent of 1.57%. However, it is observed that the denial of certain rights including education and employment of children with special needs, is not a local issue alone but a worldwide issue.

My solution is Project NCT which stands for Project Nurturing Child’s Talents. This is an organization providing technical and vocational training to children with special needs from the ages 15 to 17 years old. We envision ‘a community where every child belongs’ and we aim to provide literacy, promotion and equity to children with special needs while offering them technical and vocational training.

This project supports the Sustainable Development Goals of reducing inequality, providing quality education and economic growth. We have a responsibility towards these children. Let us help them embrace their possibilities despite their current disabilities.

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